Lab Director: Diana Tamir, PhD


Research Assistants

We are looking for motivated research assistants to join the lab. If you are an undergraduate or recent graduate looking to join as a JP student, a thesis student, or a volunteer research assistant, please complete this surveyIf you are interested in joining us as a work-study Research Assitant, see job posting #37856 here


Graduate Students

Thank you for your interest in the Princeton Psychology or Princeton Neuroscience Institute graduate program. The lab is not likely to recruit a primary graduate advisee in the 2019-20 cycle. However, I am open to serving as a secondary advisor to an incoming graduate student. Feel free to include me in your application as one of the faculty with whom you are interested in working. The strongest applicants will be able to draw connections to the work of multiple faculty in the department. In fairness to all applicants, I refrain from having personal meetings with prospective students prior to the application deadline.


Post-Doctoral Fellows 

If you are looking to join as a post-doctoral fellow, contact Diana Tamir with a cover letter and your CV.


Research Participant

We'd love for you to participate in one of our studies! If you are interested in participating in one of our neuroimaging studies, fill out this survey to see if you qualify. If you are interested in participating in one of our behavioral studies, you can find our studies on the Princeton SONA system.