Lab Director: Diana Tamir, PhD

Lab Director

Diana Tamir

Diana studies how people think about their own minds and the minds of other people. She uses a combination of behavioral, machine learning, and neuroimaging methods. She received her Sc.B in cognitive neuroscience from Brown University, her Ph.D. in psychology from Harvard University, and postdoctoral training at Stanford University before starting as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Princeton University in 2015.


Lab Manager

Dominic Burkart

Dominic is a researcher and programmer who studies identity, group dynamics, information diffusion, and health – particularly in regards to LGBTQ+ populations. They recieved their BA in Psychology from New York University and have worked as a research assistant under Drs. Amanda Bruce (at the University of Missouri: Kansas City, Kansas University Medical Center, and Children's Mercy Medical Center) and Jay Van Bavel (at New York University). 

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Post Doctoral Scholar

 Mark Thornton

Mark's research focuses on the neural organization of social knowledge: how our brains make sense of other people's thoughts, feelings, traits, situations, relationships, and actions. He uses methods including fMRI, computational modelling, behavioral experiments, and innovative web techniques. Mark received his A.B. from Princeton University, and his Ph.D. from Harvard University, before returning to Princeton as a postdoctoral researcher.

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Graduate Students

Judith Mildner

Judith Mildner

Judith is a first year graduate student in the psychology department. She is currently studying the effects of social isolation on the self, using a combination of neuroimaging, behavioral measures, and content analysis. Judith received her BSc in human development from Cornell University in 2014, and her MSc in sport sciences from the University of Groningen (The Netherlands) in 2016.

Zidong Zhao

Zidong is a first year graduate student in the psychology department. He is broadly interested in how cognitive processes contribute to social behaviors and societal structures. He received his BA in psychology from Vanderbilt University in 2016, and would love to find structures in his life as a grad student before he starts finding structures in data. Zidong’s favorite misinformed joke is that the human body is topologically a donut.

Aaron Kurosu

Aaron is a graduate student in the psychology department at Princeton University. His research focuses on how we provide evaluations about the world around us. In particular, he's currently looking at issues such as certainty, subjectivity, and animacy. He receive his BS in psychology and BSD in industrial design at the University of Cincinnati.

Adam Lerner

Adam Lerner

Adam is a graduate student in the philosophy department at Princeton University. His current project examines the role of empathy in moral epistemology and moral psychology, but he also works on issues in meta-ethics, practical ethics, and the philosophy of psychology. He came to Princeton in 2012 after graduating from the College of William & Mary with a B.A. in philosophy and psychology.

Research Assistants

Page Amormino

Emily Becker

Varun Bhave

Shelby Edmondson

Gianna Geil

Grace Glovier

Jordan Gunn

Dalya Hahn

Ryan Hu

Emily Jiang

Enji Kim

Jacqueline Kopra

Astrid Montanez-Garay

Aidan O'Donnell

Sarah Pan

Tony Phan

Shriya Sekhsaria

Madhumitha Shridharan

Katherine Wang

Annie Zou


Meghan Meyer: Postdoctoral Researcher (2015-2017), Currently Assistant Professor of the Dartmouth Social Neuroscience Lab.

Miriam Weaverdyck: Research Specialist and Lab Manager (2015-2017), currently doctoral student at the Computational Social Neuroscience Lab at UCLA.

Rachel Lisner: Research Assistant (2016), Currently Lab Manager of Krosch Lab at Cornell University.

Meng Du: Research Assistant (2016), Currently Software Developer at the Computational Social Neuroscience Lab at UCLA

Ceylan Özdem: Visiting graduate student (2016); Currently a graduate student at Vrije Universiteit Brussel

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